Apostolakis Manifesto Barrel-Aged Tsipouro 40% 700ml
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MANIFESTO GREGO is a premium purely distilled Greek spirit.

It is distilled exclusively from grapes of exquisite Thessalian vineyards, which are strictly selected especially for this drink.

Its traditional and multiple distillation, the aging in oak barrels, and the unique blend of the barrels lead to the creation of an excellent Greek spirit with a soft, unforgettable taste.

Enjoy the drink with ice and juice, or garnished with a slice of orange/tangerine!

Type: Tsipouro

Variety: Muscat
Alcohol: 40% vol.

Enjoy the taste of MANIFESTO GREGO with a twist/slice of orange or mandarin, on the rocks or as basis for cocktails and long drinks

The local tradition and the distillation process dates back to 1922, when refugees from Asia Minor settled in Nea Ionia. Those refugees stayed faithful to their old habits and lifestyle, so after work they would gather in homes and taverns, the so-called "tsipouradika’’, where they sipped the traditional tsipouro from Smyrna. The spirit was home distilled with great care and passion.

Over time, the locals also joined them, and they were slowly initiated into the secret recipes and method of preparation. Nowadays, tsipouro is considered to be the traditional drink of the region and it makes the perfect accompaniment to the seafood delicacies. Tsipouradika, which originated about a century ago, continues to be a meeting point for all kinds of people.