Apostolakis, Magnesia, Thessaly

Apostolakis Winery and Distillery is famous for its tsipouro made from organically grown muscat grapes. Tsipouro, an un-aged brandy, was first introduced to Thessaly in 1922 by refugees from Asia Minor. On arrival, the refugees held onto their old habits and lifestyle, gathering after work in homes and taverns, the so-called 'tsipouradiko' where they would sip traditional Smyrna tsipouro. The spirit was home-distilled with great care and passion. Over time, the locals also joined in, and they were slowly initiated into the secret recipes and method of preparation. Nowadays, tsipouro is considered to be the traditional drink of the region and it makes the perfect accompaniment to seafood & meze. What’s more tsipouradika remain to this day an important meeting point for people of all ages.


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