245 Olive Oil, Paiania, Attica

245 Olive Oil is run by George Davaris, whose grandfather planted their olive grove in 1910. Located in the area of Paiania west of Athens, on the other side of the Hymettus mountain, it benefits from a hot, dry, Mediterranean climate. It is planted with the local ‘Klonari’ variety, which is a clone of Megaritiki – one of the oldest cultivated olive varieties prized for producing great quality olive oil with very low acidity and aromas of flowers and pears. The organic and natural cultivation methods are followed with a very careful selection and separation of the olives and gentle, low-temperature pressing to produce the best quality oil possible. It is filtered before bottling to preserve the low acidity and delicate aromas. This care and quality were recognised with a rare 3-star Great Taste Award in 2023.

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