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Pasteli with Pistachios 60g

Think of Pasteli as the original healthy Greek protein bar. Sweetened with honey and loaded with pistachios and cinnamon, it is a fantastic slow-releasing energy source that is perfect for snacking-on-the-go, commutes, holidays and lunch boxes. A tiny bit of citrus peel adds a touch of sharpness while the sticky honey gives it a delicious chewiness. Often seen as flat, thin and crispy, these luxurious pasteli are on the generous size. The Drapetsonas brand is a world leader in all things sesame-based, such as their famous handmade halvas which have followed the same recipe since 1924.
Net content: 60g

Packaging: Plastic tub

Suitable for Vegetarians

Ingredients: Honey (50%), Sesame Seeds (44%), Shelled Pistachios (5%), Citrus Fibres, Cinammon.

Allergens: Sesame, Nuts

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates6.1g
of which Sugars23g
Swop your afternoon chocolate bar for this healthier, nuttier alternative.

Halvas Drapetsonas, Drapetsona, Attica

The Halvas Drapetsonas workshop was opened in 1924 by Costas Mezardasoglou, a refugee from Asia Minor. Mezardasoglou had worked in a halva factory in Asia Minor, where he learned the art of hand-making traditional halva. Costas began making his own halva using rudimentary means, in an old wooden shack, a few metres away from where production takes place today. When the state donated some land to refugees, Kostas constructed the building that is still the Halvas Drapetsonas workshop. As the years passed, his son George became interested in the business and eventually took over production completely, as Costas became too old to work. Halvas Drapetsonas is the best in Greece, and remains today a traditional, family business, producing all kinds of traditional confectionary.

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