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Organic Oregano 25g

Anthir are based in the west of Greece where they grow all their herbs organically and gently dry them to produce superior quality herbs for use both as infusions and in cooking.
Net content: 25g

Packaging: Carboard box, plastic bag

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ingredients: Organic Greek Oregano

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates0g
of which Sugars0g
Oregano (rigani) must be the most uniquitous Greek culinary herb, flavouring all the classics including, lamb kleftiko, mousaka, lemony potatoes and of course a Greek salad. However it also makes a powerful digestive tea and is said to help with nausea, coughs and sore throats.

Just before their summer residency at Maltby St. Market, things are getting hectic in Hungry Donkey's kitchen.

However, Tziovi the Chef, shared with us his simple but essential recipe for the best dish of the season: Greek 'village' salad.

There is nothing better than a fresh, juicy salad and we love the Cretan version.

It has the perfect crunch that comes from the barley rusks, the creaminess that comes from the fresh curd and the saltiness from the olives and capers. Of course we love it, it's what we were brought up on. The grated graviera is not very common but it fits perfectly.

With a honey & red wine vinegar dipping sauce laced with copious amounts of Greek Oregano and Black Pepper!

Continuing our series of recipes from The Delicious Legacy Podcast host Thomas Ntinas

I know it sounds a little bit Asian this dish! Garlic, ginger, pork and prawn, fish sauce...! Surely it's Vietnamese right?

Well, I've always found the far Eastern cuisine very interesting, fragrant, complex yet delicate. The ancient Mediterranean cuisine from what has survived in texts, seems to have very similar tones woven into it.

A recipe inspired partly from Apicius (the oldest surviving Greco-Roman cookbook written sometime in the 4th century CE but based on recipes from at least the 1st century BCE), partly from Archestratus (the Greek Sicilian gourmand who according to a legend “circumnavigated the world to satisfy his hunger”), partly a need to create something when I needed 'finger food' for an event. Of course, this dish, with the use of vine leaves, is firmly established in the modern Greek kitchen and also all over eastern mediterranean. Vine leaves are edible, succulent, delicious and used for stuffing since Classical times (or even before that!)

Anthir, Agrinio, Central Greece

The soil and climatic conditions of Greece have long given rise to a rare and rich variety of plants, which have been put to various uses, from aromatic to medicinal. Anthir, based in the fertile agricultural area outside of Agrinio in western Greece, works with this heritage and the company has designed an integrated vertical production and processing unit for ‘plants with purpose’. Their fields are cultivated organically and irrigated by the nearby Acheloos river, their herbs are gently dried to retain the full healing properties and flavour, and Anthir conducts research into the pharmaceutical and cosmetic uses of plants, continuing a deep tradition of Greek pharmacology. 

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