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O-Purist Tsipouro 42% 700ml

O/PURIST Tsipouro is a refined distillate of fine Greek grape varieties. It is made through a complex, double distillation process that combines the artistry of Master Distiller Vivi Vasdavanou with the know-how of 10 bartenders. The spirit has a unique, complex and balanced flavour profile with notes of citrus, pear, brown bread, spice, minerality, honey and chocolate. It is perfect for drinking neat or in cocktails.
Net content: 700ml

Packaging: Glass Bottle

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ingredients: 42% Alcohol

O/Purist, Tyrnavos, Thessaly

O/PURIST Tsipouro offers a new twist to the taste and consumption of the popular Greek spirit.  There is a long history of tsipouro, beginning around 500 BC, when grape marc distillate was first referred to as 'trimma' and was continued by Greek Orthodox monasteries through the middle ages. Vine growers throughout Greece maintain this tradition. Ο/PURIST tsipouro aims to modernise this local spirit with the international market and modern bars in mind.  This spirit embodies the terroir of Greece, not only made from Greece's finest grape varieties but infused with endemic herbs, fruits, and spices to produce a crystal clear spirit with a complex, balanced aroma, suitable as a base for many cocktails. The name O/PURIST is an anagram of the word tsipouro.

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