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Nissos 'Tholi' Hazy Lager (6.5%) (330ml)

An unpasteurised and unfiltered ‘hazy’ lager that’s bottled with much of the yeast for a vitamin-packed drink with a rich aroma and a full bodied citrus finish. Low on bitterness, Nissos Tholi is poured for bottling from the middle of the tank after it has slowly matured at low temperatures. ‘Θολή’ (pron. thol-E) means cloudy or blurry in Greek and can also be used to describe a fuzzy head after drinking too many! The award-winning Nissos microbrewery sits on the joyful and artistic island of Tinos in the Cyclades.
Net content: 330ml

Packaging: Glass Bottle

Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Yeast

Allergens: Gluten
Excellent with fresh crisp green vegtables and salads. The perfect quiche beer.

Cyclades Microbrewery, Tinos, Aegean Islands

Inspired by Frank Zappa’s quote 'you can’t be a real country unless you have a beer or an airline', the Cyclades Microbrewery was started on Tinos in 2012 during Greece’s financial crisis by Alexandros and Maya. Convinced that the bleak domestic beer landscape was symptomatic of the country’s woes, the pair turned to creating a new beer – Nissos – an all-natural artisanal beer with a distinctive flavour that hopes to capture the essence of being on a Greek island. Small-scale production allows the brewers to remain independent and maintain high standards by carefully monitoring all steps of the production process. Nissos produce primarily craft lagers and pilsners.

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