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Mouratolia Olives 200g

Try the unique Mouratolia Olives, known as the 'queen of table olives' in Crete. Grown with traditional methods, these olives are hand-picked and marinated using an old family recipe. With sea salt, red wine vinegar, and aromatic herbs, they're preserved in Vassilakis's own extra-virgin olive oil. Enjoy them in salads, as a snack, or with fresh bread.
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Net content: 200g

Packaging: Glass tin, Cardboard sleeve

Suitable for Vegetarians

Ingredients: Mouratolia Olives, Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar,

Allergens: Sulphates

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturatesg
of which Sugarsg

This recipe (with a few tweaks) comes from the book On Agriculture by Cato and I have been making it for many years now. The core and the ideas, though, are also inherently ancient Greek – relishes are mentioned in Homer's Odyssey, in Symposiums in Ancient Athens, and poems such The banquet of Philoxenus, a sensuous poem celebrating the culinary pleasures!

Cato, on the other hand, was an early Roman soldier and politician whose farming handbook/ manual from around 200BCE provides the basis for a lot of our sources for Roman agricultural practices and eating habits. He catalogued this recipe as an appetiser, something to wake your tastebuds up, and tantalise you, keep you entertained and hungry for the big dinner, for the main course which will arrive later…

The olive tree was sacred for the ancient Greeks and the Athenian banquets or symposiums included many relishes and breads as starters that include olives in brine or marinated.

Vassilakis, Mirabello, Crete

Vassilakis Estate's extra-virgin olive oils are cultivated, harvested, pressed, and bottled in Mirabello, Crete. The farmers at Vassilakis use grazing animals to clear the weeds, and use natural fertilisers made from manure and pruned branches. Vassilakis Estate produce both organic and conventionally farmed olive oil, but both are clear, golden-green olive oils that are fragrant, fruity, and pungent They help enhance the flavour of both fresh and cooked food and can truly be considered a superfood, as it is high in healthy monounsaturates and rich in natural vitamins and antioxidants.

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