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Marianna's Organic Vine Leaves

If you want to make authentic homemade dolmades at any time of year, you will need Marianna's delicious young vine leaves. These tender young leaves are hand picked at the end of spring by the Kazakis family from their organic vineyards in Halkidiki, north eastern Greece, then pickled and bottled within the hour. They are preserved in jars with brine and lemon juice, ready to stuff with rice, meats or even to wrap around small fish or cheeses. We find them so much sweeter and fresher-tasting than other shop-bought vine leaves we have tried. Dolma comes from the Arabic word for stuffed so make sure you are generous enough without splitting the leaves. A true skill.
As low as £8.00
Net content: 200g-400g

Packaging: Glass jar

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ingredients: Organic Vine Leaves (60 Pieces), Water, Salt, Citric Acid

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates0g
of which Sugars0.7g
Perfect for making traditional meat, onion and rice stuffed dolmades, or vegetarian versions, but also delicious rolled around cheese and baked.

Here is a totally back-to-roots recipe that was inspired by those gorgeous organic Marianna's vine leaves (available on our shop!).  

Our inspiration for this receipe came from some excellent sources including mum's phone advice and our in house M&G chef. Whilst cooking, so many memories came flooding back to me from yaya's kitchen where she taught me how to wrap loosely, place tidily and place the dolmadakia in the pan in a circle then cover with a plate.

Preparing the doladakia was a wonderful experience that allows you to slow down and forget about checking your phone.  It gives you space to focus and mindfully use your senses whilst you smell, shop and wrap the dolmadakia.  It can be messy, but it is fun and it really doesn't hurt to slow down once in around.  

With a honey & red wine vinegar dipping sauce laced with copious amounts of Greek Oregano and Black Pepper!

Continuing our series of recipes from The Delicious Legacy Podcast host Thomas Ntinas

I know it sounds a little bit Asian this dish! Garlic, ginger, pork and prawn, fish sauce...! Surely it's Vietnamese right?

Well, I've always found the far Eastern cuisine very interesting, fragrant, complex yet delicate. The ancient Mediterranean cuisine from what has survived in texts, seems to have very similar tones woven into it.

A recipe inspired partly from Apicius (the oldest surviving Greco-Roman cookbook written sometime in the 4th century CE but based on recipes from at least the 1st century BCE), partly from Archestratus (the Greek Sicilian gourmand who according to a legend “circumnavigated the world to satisfy his hunger”), partly a need to create something when I needed 'finger food' for an event. Of course, this dish, with the use of vine leaves, is firmly established in the modern Greek kitchen and also all over eastern mediterranean. Vine leaves are edible, succulent, delicious and used for stuffing since Classical times (or even before that!)

Marianna's, Halkidiki, Macedonia

Marianna’s began in 1994 and remains to this day a traditional family business. They aim to produce tasty, traditionally Greek, high-quality, organic food for families across Greece and abroad. Their products include the world-famous Marianna’s vine leaves, dolmades, petimezi, and traditional handmade pies in 14 different flavours. All of Marianna's award-winning products are made in Greece, with traditional Greek recipes, using locally sourced raw ingredients. Her pies are produced in a women's co-operative in Halkidiki, northern Greece.

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