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Kythira Fleur De Sel 500g

The rugged, wind-whipped island of Kythira, which sits midway between mainland Greece and Crete, is famed for its sea salt, which is created naturally on the rocks when sea water evaporates in high summer. This fine fleur de sel sea salt is hand-harvested by locals from natural rock pools, or pans, throughout August before ‘salt season’ ends. It is considered some of the best salt in the world, rich in magnesium and potassium for improved immunity and completely wild and unprocessed. A dressing salt to show off the full flavour of fresh seafood or to draw out the richness of just-sliced tomatoes.
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Net content: 500g

Packaging: Compostable paper bag

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ingredients: Sea Salt

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates0g
of which Sugars0g
Use as you would a quailty olive oil, to finish fresh foods and bring out their best flavour.

Enjoy the subtleties of cooking Greek food with this recipe that makes it much more than a simple trip to the supermarket. 

It’s all about the series of small rituals from the choice of olive oil you use, to the asparagus you get from the farmers market that bring out the flavours in the food.

Don't forget the wine pairing...

John's recipe creates a richness and roundness with the potatoes (which loves a higher alchohol volume). The anchovies add pungency and boiled eggs demand fruit in abundance. This is a hearty meal with balanced richness, that matches perfectly with full-bodied white wines.

Try the Aidani from Santorini if you like a bone dry style with a maritime aromatic profile.  If you like the roundness and fruit side of the dish go for Vidiano from Crete.  Or for a rosé try, Alpha Estate and Ousyra.

We would suggest that you avoid full-bodied red wines with this dish, or with anchovies in particular.

If you are making asparagus on its own, its subtle and persistent aromas, is divine with our Sauvignon Blanc from Amyndeon and all fresh medium body white wines.


Tzortzopoulos Estate, Kythira, Ionian Islands

Astarti is based on the island of Kythira and has been involved in organic farming since 1992, when Harry Tzortzopoulos returned to his forefathers’ island after university to take over his family’s olive groves. Organic farming and environmental awareness are at the heart of the Astarti philosophy, and they channel this into developing sustainable local produce and maintaining an active participation in the protection of the Kytherian land through ethical collaboration. Apart from their olive oil, they hand-harvest fine sea salt from the rocky shores of the island.

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