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Kostarelos Wine-Aged Cheese (Krasotyri)

Krasotyri, also known as ‘Possias’ is a hard white goat’s cheese that is fermented and matured in wine lees (the residual yeasts and particles left over from ageing wine). As such it takes on a uniquely beautiful purple-pinky hued skin and harbours a subtle wine flavour. The tradition is said to have started around 300BC when the Greek islands were experiencing low olive crops. Olive oil was traditionally used to steep these types of cheeses and create their skin and wine was simply an experiment that succeeded. The Kostarelos family has been producing cheese and yoghurt for three generations, since 1937, sourcing their milk from the sprawling, historic and mountainous island of Evia near Athens.
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Kostarelos, Markopoulo, Attica

The Kostarelos family started making cheese with milk from their own farms in 1937 to serve to guests at their tavern in Markopoulo. By the 1960s production had expanded, and they opened more dairy facilities, creating an integrated, structured production process, while still preserving their traditions. Three generations later, the Kostarelos family continue to collect milk from selected small farms and make cheese, yoghurt, rice puddings and other dairy products. Respect and dedication to tradition, along with the family's know-how in sourcing milk exclusively from small Greek farms, are the secrets to their success and the quality of their products. Their barrel-aged feta is considered one of the very best and few forget the experience of first trying their traditionally strained Greek yoghurt.

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