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Kostarelos Goat's Butter

This incredibly creamy goat’s butter is a hit with all who try it. Easier to digest than cow’s butter, naturally low in sodium, and with no added salt, it has a mild taste. Far more subtle than goat’s cheese, it does not taste ‘goaty.’ The Kostarelos family has been producing cheese and yoghurt for three generations, since 1937, sourcing their milk from the sprawling, historic and mountainous island of Evia near Athens. Local cooks use the butter to finish pasta speciality ‘kourkoubines,’ (also known as tzolia); small twisted dough shapes that are boiled then rolled in this creamy butter.
Goat milk does contain some lactose so this butter is not suitable for those with severe allergies.

Net content: 250g-1kg

Packaging: Vacuum pack

Ingredients: Pasteurised Goat's Milk, Organic Processes But Not Certified

Allergens: Milk

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates52g
of which Sugars0.5g
Wonderful on hot fresh crumpets. Or use it like the locals on simple pasta with kefalotiri cheese.

Enjoy the subtleties of cooking Greek food with this recipe that makes it much more than a simple trip to the supermarket. 

It’s all about the series of small rituals from the choice of olive oil you use, to the asparagus you get from the farmers market that bring out the flavours in the food.

Don't forget the wine pairing...

John's recipe creates a richness and roundness with the potatoes (which loves a higher alchohol volume). The anchovies add pungency and boiled eggs demand fruit in abundance. This is a hearty meal with balanced richness, that matches perfectly with full-bodied white wines.

Try the Aidani from Santorini if you like a bone dry style with a maritime aromatic profile.  If you like the roundness and fruit side of the dish go for Vidiano from Crete.  Or for a rosé try, Alpha Estate and Ousyra.

We would suggest that you avoid full-bodied red wines with this dish, or with anchovies in particular.

If you are making asparagus on its own, its subtle and persistent aromas, is divine with our Sauvignon Blanc from Amyndeon and all fresh medium body white wines.


Kostarelos, Markopoulo, Attica

The Kostarelos family started making cheese with milk from their own farms in 1937 to serve to guests at their tavern in Markopoulo. By the 1960s production had expanded, and they opened more dairy facilities, creating an integrated, structured production process, while still preserving their traditions. Three generations later, the Kostarelos family continue to collect milk from selected small farms and make cheese, yoghurt, rice puddings and other dairy products. Respect and dedication to tradition, along with the family's know-how in sourcing milk exclusively from small Greek farms, are the secrets to their success and the quality of their products. Their barrel-aged feta is considered one of the very best and few forget the experience of first trying their traditionally strained Greek yoghurt.

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