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Kokotos 'Agrimi' Savatiano-Roditis

The freshness of this blend is due to Kokotos' location on the slopes of the Pentelic Mountains in Attica. Surrounded by olive groves and forest, the organic vineyards coexist happily. Wild thyme and oregano balanced by some delicate lemon and pineapple scents. Lovely light yet flavourful mix of citrus and herbs with subtle resin notes. Nice dry finish with traces of tannin. Good aperitif or meze wine.
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Type: Dry White
Varietal Composition: Roditis 60% & Savatiano 40%
Region: Stamata, Attica, Greece
Vinification: Vineyards in the wider area of Stamata and Erythres, Attiki. Harvested on September 19th for Savatiano & October 1st for Roditis. Soil is clay and sand, gently sloping. Ageing potential of 2-3 years.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Kokotos Estate, Stamata, Attica

In the late 1970s, the Kokotos family decided to abandon city life and settle near the village of Stamata, to be closer to nature. On the northern slopes of Mount Pendeli, where in ancient times Dionysus, the god of wine, was worshipped, Anne and George Kokotos created a vineyard, planting their first vines in 1980. In the estate’s organic vineyards, both international and indigenous varieties are cultivated with care. The aim is to produce fine wines in which each grape reaches the fullest expression of its varietal characteristics. The vineyards are planted on slopes at an altitude of 450 metres in sandy-clay soils over limestone and slate. It is of moderate fertility, but rich in trace elements which contribute to the production of aromatic, full-bodied wines with good structure and the ability to age well. The climate is Mediterranean, without excessive heat, thanks to the altitude and the cooling effect of the prevailing north and north-easterly winds. The good soil drainage, combined with abundant sunshine and a favourable microclimate, ensure early ripening and excellent maturity of quality grapes with a good balance of sugars, acidity, and aromatics.

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