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Tranabelo Single Vineyard Potamisi

Established by Konstantinos Makridimitris, Tranampelo only produces wine from indigenous varieties in Glinado, Naxos. The wine is produced from dry farmed, organic grapes. Vinification uses minimum intervention. The wine ages on its lees for 6 months. If you like Assyrtiko, you will love this single-vineyard Potamisi. Light lemon yellow colour, the aromas are really subtle, smelling of the sea and lemon and lime blossom. The palate is incredibly harmonious. Wonderful delicate dry vinous complexity. This is so well balanced between its exceptional saline, mineral concentrated palate of flavours, light alcohol, and terrific acidity. Worth trying!
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Type: Dry White
Varietal Composition: Potamisi 100%
Region: PGI Cyclades, Aegean Islands

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Tranabelo, Naxos, Aegean Islands

Tranabelo was started by Konstantinos Makridimitris on the island of Naxos and is based on a small collection of exceptional vineyards – Trana Abelia means strong vines. Naxos has a winemaking tradition stretching to antiquity and remains a very agricultural island, but there are few commercial wine producers on the island, with most wine being made for home consumption. Konstantinos wants to show the strength of the Naxos terroir, using the indigenous, primarily white, varieties found on the island, while focusing on exceptional quality with very low yields. The wines are all made with indigenous yeasts and minimal interventions. The wines are currently bottled in a small winery outside of Athens, until they can build their own winery on the island.

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