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Siafarikas Manouri

The Siafarikas manouri has an incredibly concentrated flavour and dense texture compared to other manouri cheeses. This makes it suitable for both grating and grilling, where it yields it’s complex milky flavours that derive from the wild-grazed sheep and goat’s of western Macedonia.
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Suitable for Vegetarians

Ingredients: Pasteurised sheep and goat’s whey, sheep and goat’s milk and cream, salt.

Allergens: Milk

Siafarikas, Grevena, Macedonia

A fourth generation dairy in the north-west of Greece, a mountainous area with excellent grazing and a long tradition of cheesemaking. Siafarikas specialising in using very traditional recipes and methods, such as making a feta-style cheese in cheesecloths, rather than the more familiar block shape. This means that they don't always follow the strict rules of the modern PDO designations, so can't be called a Feta, but there cheeses are worth seeking even more so for the delicious taste of the past they offer. The herds of sheep and goats that provide the milk for the dairy graze on mount Pindus, contributing to the delicate and complex flavour of the cheese.

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