Xinomavro Mixed Case
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Xinomvro (pronounced ksee-NO-mav-ro in Greek, though often zee-no-MAV-ro in English) is undoubtedly the star red grape variety of Greece. As complex, beguiling and varied in its expressions so as to be frequently compared to two of the world’s greatest red grapes – Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo.
As a dry red wine it is characterised by its light colour, aromas of red berries, sundried tomato, tobacco and spice, and its great structure with fine-grained tannins and lots of acidity (the ‘xino’ in the name refers to its acidity).

Xinomavro is a northern Greek variety, a land unrecognisable to those more familiar with the blue of the Aegean. The mountainous north has a cool, wet climate with long spells of sunshine: the perfect conditions for producing exceptional wines.

To help explore the full range of Xinomavro, we have put together a mixed case of 6 classic Xinomavro reds:

1x Alpha Estate Xinomavro Amyndeon PDO, Single Vineyard 'Hedgehog'
1x Alpha Estate Xinomavro Reserve, Old Vines, Single Block 'Barba Yannis'
1x Domaine Karanika Amyntaio PDO, Xinomavro, Old Vines
1x Chatzivaritis Estate, Goumenissa PDO, Xinomavro-Negoska
1x Chatzivaritis Estate, 'Mus' Xinomavro
1x Magoutes Xinomavro

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