Lyrarakis Verjus (Agourida) 250ml
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Lyrarakis agourida (unfermented juice from unripe grapes) is distinguished for its delicate taste with a characteristic light sweetness and refreshing acitidy. In the nose it displays a rich pallet of red fruits and spices.
In Lyrarakis winery vineyards, the grapes are hand picked during the last week of July (Green Harvest). The unripe grapes are then transferred to the winery were they get de-stemmed and pressed in pneumatic press. The juice is then led into a stainless steel tank were concentration is achieved by freezing.

  • Ingredients: Unripe grapes, sulphur dioxide
  • Origin: Crete
  • Net content: 250ml
  • Packaging: Glass bottle 

Agourida is an excellent, gentle acidulant for salad dressings and cooking (see here for delicious recipes). Lately it has been used by mixologists in cocktails, adding freshness and an elegant aromatic aftertaste.