Proikas 12+ Month Aged Kaseri
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Kaseri is a PDO hard cheese made in the north of Greece from a mixture of 80% sheep's milk and 20% goat's milk. It is a delicate, mild and sweet tasting cheese, but with the long ageing of over 12 months, it acquires added complexity and a slight 'tang'. 

• Ingredients: pasteurised sheep and goat's milk, salt, rennet, cultures
• Origin: Sochos, Thessaloniki
• Packaging: wax paper (packed by M&G)

It is excellent as a table cheese and is often used in pies (such as a kaseri pie or pastourma pies), in toasties or omlettes. It can also be used to make a saganaki.

Proikas is a third-generation producer based in the village of Sochos, north-east of Thessaloniki, which was known for its excellent kaseri. They founded their dairy in 1962 and have won much recognision since, including a 3 Gold Star, Great Taste Award in 2019 for their 12-month aged kaseri.