Wild Boar 'Hunter' Sausage (pack of 4)
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The hunter’s sausages are fresh sausages of whole meat pieces of free range wild boar stuffed in fine lamb intestines. The meat is marinated in red wine and Mediterranean herbs and smoked over beech wood. The outcome is a low in fat, delicious sausage with distinguished flavor.
• Ingredients: Free range wild boar
• Origin: Mount Olympus
• Net content: 850g (4 pieces)
• Packaging: vacuum
Served grilled, fried or cooked in sauces with pasta paired with red wine:
Alpha Estate Red, Syrah-Xinomavro-Merlot, from Amyntaion.

Farma Fotiadi has been breeding free range wild boar, pigs and venison on the foothills of Mount Olympus since 1925. The animals roam freely in their natural habitat, which makes their meat high in protein and low in intramuscular fat. Their feeding is 100% natural and rich in herbs. The respect to nature and the evolution of the animals in their natural environment and in the altitude and climate of the Mount Olympus, contribute to a meat of high nutritional value and exceptional flavor.