Organic Apaki 300g
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Apaki is a traditional, local type of delicatessen made from lean pork meat only, seasoned and cured, smoked with olive wood with local herbs such as sage, marjoram and thyme. The recipe is very old and found exclusively in the Cretan island.

• Ingredients: Organic free range lean pork meat
• Origin: Lampini, Rethumno, Crete
• Net content: 300g 
• Packaging: vacuum

Grilled and served as a meze with carob syrup or honey and toasted sesame seeds, in salads, in eggs or in pasta and risottos.
Perfect pairing with tsikoudia.

Vavourakis farm is located in the mountainous region of Lampini, in Rethymno Crete, away from human settlements or other activities. The untouched landscape, with its low, bushy vegetation is ideal for organic stock raising. In the 170 acres of the farm there are rocky parts, left in wilderness and small plateaus.

The pigs grouped according to their age, live in the open. Little, movable huts are used for shelter. The pigs are free to move into their space, the graze, they dig, they do whatever keeps them happy. The animals are fed exclusively on certified, organic products: grain, fruits and vegetable. Greek herbs are also used such as oregano as a mean of protection from diseases.