Beef Pastrami, by Sary

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Pastrami is a cold cut, made from beef (loin), smoked with beechwood and flavoured with whole pepper corns, coriander, mustard seeds and other spices. It has an excellent aroma and a beautiful robust taste.
• Ingredients: Beef meat
• Origin: Drama, North Greece
• Net content: 1kg+
• Packaging: vacuum pouch, sliced
You can enjoy pastrami in sandwiches or in meat platters.
A perfect combination with red wine:
Limnio from Avdira, North Greece

The Producer: Sary S.A. (Saribogias), from Drama, North Greece
Saribogias family’s history goes back 120 years in a small village in Adana. The family came to Greece in 1890, bringing along the traditional recipes for pastrami, soutzouki, salami and many others. In 1938 they settle in Drama, at the foot of Mount Falakro, where they start with their cold cuts practice.
Today the fourth generation of the family carries on the vision of the grandfather, following and adapting recipes and advice to present requirements through modern facilities certified with ISO and HACCP.
Pure ingredients and authentic Cappadocian taste, which awakens memories of a bygone era- this is today the recipe of the Sary cold cuts.