Meligyris Wild Thyme Honey 5kg

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Also available in 270g jars and 450g jars

Wild Cretan thyme offers a honey with strong taste and a dark golden colour. 
It is a premium honey with antibacterial properties, especially effective for healing respiratory and digestive problems, while being a natural energy boost.

• Ingredients: Wild Cretan thyme honey
• Origin: Crete
• Net content: 5kg
• Packaging: metal tin

Served as a spread on bread and pancakes with cinnamon and sesame, in tea, juices and smoothies, as a topping on yogurt and fruits, in marinades for pork meat and in salad dressings. For a special, healthy touch, you can use it in everyday cooking to almost any recipe. In Greek islands, it is served as a topping on Greek cheeses such as manouri.