Meka Greek Coffee 200g
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There is a whole philosophy around Greek coffee, which involves the way it is roasted and grounded in old artisan shops called "kafekopteia", famous for their exquisite aromas, the way it is prepared in a small little pot called "briki" and the way it is traditionally cooked over "hovoli", which is ash burried in sand.
Then it is the old tradition of come together and fortune telling in the small empty coffee cup, which along with the velvety taste of the coffee, makes procuring, preparing, serving and drinking Greek coffee, one the most loved rituals in Greece.
•  Ingedients: Grounded coffee%
•  Packaging: Vacuum paper bag

Enjoy daily served with traditional sweet rusks.

Meka roastery has been established back in 1924 and still is in one of the oldest commercial arcades, Modiano, in Thesaloniki.