Maltby&Greek Large Hamper
Price: £68.00
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A larger selection of some of our favourite products, showcasing the very best traditional Greek produce. 

1x Maltby&Greek Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml bottle
1x Organic Kalamata Olives unpitted, with bay 295g jar
1x Athanasopoulos Farm Plum Olives 330g vacuum
1x Santorini Capers 150g (90g drained)
1x Trikalinos Fleur De Sel (100g)
1x Organic Greek Mountain Tea 10g
1x Meligyris White Thyme Honey 270g
1x Rizes Apricot Jam No Added Sugar 300g
1x Karavas Bakery Almond & Honey Rusks 300g
1x Pasteli with Pistachios 60g

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All packaging materials used are environmentally friendly, recyclable and compostable.  

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