Douloufakis Vidiano, Sparkling White

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Type: White P.G.I. Crete
Varietal Composition: Vidiano 100%.The cretan variety Vidiano was neglected and almost had become extinct but due to the tireless efforts of the winemakers came back to the front stage.
Region: Dafnes (350 metres altitude), Crete, Greece.
Vinification: The initial classic white wine was aimed to make a base wine suitable for producing sparkling wine by the Méthode Traditionelle. High acidity, low PH {to withstand ageing}; which produced a neutral aromatic profile and strong body. Followed by the second fermentation in the bottle, the wine remained on lees {sur lies fines} for 24 months. 
The disgorging was completed in May 2016 by selecting a liqueur d`expedition to give us a brut wine.
Analytical Data: 
Alcohol: 13% vol
Residual sugar: 4 gr/lt
Total acidity: 7,0 gr/lt
Total Sulfur: 93 mg/lt
Tasting Characteristics: Almost straw like in colour. When carefully poured a cascade of silver bubbles will envelope the glass and dance in the sparkling creamy foam; creating a complex aroma reminiscent of apples, apricots, honey and the wax of the summer bees. It is a vibrant refreshing sparkling wine with a long aftertaste.
Place the wine in an ice bucket for half an hour prior to serving at a temperature of 9-10⁰C. It is a sparkling wine with a range of possibilities; as a simple apéritif on a fine summer’s day or an unexpected celebration, but truly, this wine will come into its own if you team it with food. It would be an excellent companion with oysters, scallops, sushi, mussels, or lobster dripping with a bisque sauce. If seafood doesn’t appeal to you, then most chicken dishes would gain from being accompanied by this exciting sparkling wine.

About our producer:
The tradition and history of Douloufakis Family in vineyard cultivation and production started in 1930 when the grandfather Dimitris Douloufakis first established the professional wine production in old traditional premises.
Nowadays the vineyard cultivation and wine-production tradition of the Family is continued by the grandson Nikolas Douloufakis.
Having studied Oenology in Italy (Alba Intituto Agrario-Spezialitato in Diviticultura e Enologia) he has proceeded to the renewing of the wine premises and to the production of superior quality wines from his own vineyards.

Douloufakis Winery vineyards are situated in hill slopes at an altitude of 350 meters and the cultivation is done by mechanical means. They cover 10 hectares and are located within the vine region of Dafnes, in Greece. The vine varieties planted are: Vilana, Vidiano, Muscat White (of Spina), Malvasia, Mandilari, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Liatiko, Kotsifali, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Syrah. Apart from  privately owned vineyards, grapes are sourced from farmers who cultivate their own vineyards in the same area.