Whole Smoked Eel
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The Geitonas family has over 27 years experience in breeding eel and has been a member of the Sustainable Eel Group since 2010. 
The eel is smoked in the traditional way in small batches. Following the salting, the eel is exposed to the heat from the burning of olive and citrus wood at about 130 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes and then exposed for a further 2 hours to oak wood for the smoking at 90 degrees Celsius (subject to the fish size). The result is a very delicate smoke and a blissfully tasting natural product, rich in Omega 3 proteins without conservatives or artificial flavourings.

• Ingredients: Whole smoked eel
• Origin: Arta 
• Packaging: vacuum

* Please note this product has previously been frozen *

Served as an excellent meze for wine, ouzo and raki and on canapés, with pasta, salad or in risottos and sushi.