Athanasopoulos Farm Plum Olives 330g Vacuum
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“Plum olives” are olives of a very special shape, a strong distinctive flavour and rich flesh, naturally fermented and grown in the Mycenaean earth.

The “Plum olive” is the revival of a very old Greek variety of olives. It is considered that its roots are in the ancient Greek variety “orhas” or “orhemon’ known from the bibliography of ancient Greek writers. Its systematic cultivation started and developed in the area of Argolida and east Arkadia, in the coast of the Argolic Gulf.

The tree produces the biggest olive fruit (it can reach up to 20gr per piece) and it is known in the area as “Donkey olive”.

The cultivation is made with organic methods with respect to the environment 
with the old, traditional way. The olive fruit is left in the water with salt and the time completes the fermentation without any chemical additives.

• Ingredients: Olives, water, olive oil, salt, citric acid
• Origin: Argos, Greece
• Net content: 330g
• Packaging: vacuum bag

Served on their own as a meze, in Greek salads or baked.