Kalamata Organic Olives unpitted, with bay 295g jar
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The Organic Kalamata Demeter olives are hand picked to avoid any damage to the fruit. They are singled out by strict criteria, washed and kept in closed containers in sea salt brine for debittering.

The olives are not notched so that all their valuable substances are retained. The therefore necessary long period of fermentation is worth it, since the result is a delicious and healthy product.
After debittering the olives are singled out anew, washed, marinated in wine vinegar and packaged with bay leaves.

• Ingredients: * Kalamata olives, *bay, *vinegar, sea salt brine (* organic farming)
• 100% organic
• Certification: Bio-Hellas, Demeter
• Origin: Kalamata
• Net content:180g drained 
• Packaging: glass jar

Served on their own as a meze, in Greek salads or on fresh bread.

Our producer, Atrapos, is based in Mendenitsa, 
a small village in the Kallidromon Mountains of Central Greece. The mountain village is surrounded by springs, a rich vegetation of fir and stone pine, oak trees and junipers and an impressive amount and diversity of wild life. The region’s micro climate is influenced by the sea that is only a few kilometers beneath the mountains, making it ideal for olive-tree cultivation.

Our producer's, Atrapos manifesto:
"We forgo the utilization of chemical fertilizer and other sprays in favor of quality and sustainability. Our organic farming produces high quality products and advances the fertility of the soil. The soil secures a process of organic diversity and attempts, as far as still possible, to restore a balance in nature.

However, that is not enough for us. We practice bio-dynamic agriculture, because it understands nature as part of the universe attempting to utilize cosmic powers. Hereby our concern is the reproduction of humus soil, the growth of healthy, robust plants, the production of high quality products and creating fair and trustworthy relationships between producers, processers, middle men and consumers."