Idiston Quince Preserve 280g
Price: £5.70
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Spoon sweets are traditional handmade products that enclose the nutritional value and vitamins of the fruits, while preserving them beyond their seasonal life cycle.                                                

  •  Ingredients: quince, sugar, lemon juice (no preservatives, no coloring, no glucose)  
  •  Contains 40g of fruit in 100g of final product
  •  Net weight: 280g         
  •  Origin: Nea Philadelphia, Greece
  •  Packaging: glass jar 
Served with fresh ricotta or Cretan goat cheese or as a topping for yogurt with roasted pine nuts and walnuts.     

Idiston products are handmade under the specifications of ISO22000 food safety regulation code. Only 100% Greek fresh fruit are used.