Idiston Plum Jam 380g
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Idiston Plum Jam is made with yellow, porphyry, skinned plums from the island of Skopelos. 

Idiston jams and preserves are products that have the flavour and scent of our memories of home. They are handmade products that enclose the nutritional value and vitamins of the fruits, while preserving them beyond their seasonal life cycle.

  • Ingredients:  plum, sugar, lemon juice (no preservatives, no coloring, no glucose)   
  • Contains  70g of fruit in 100g of final product      
  • Origin: Nea Philadelphia, Greece
  • Net weight: 380g
  • Packaging: glass jar

Make an interesting vinaigrette by adding plum jam to vinegar, olive oil, finely chopped mint and spring onions. Used as a topping for Cretan rusks with fresh goat cheese.                      

Idiston products are handmade under the specifications of ISO22000 food safety regulation code. Only 100% Greek fresh fruit are used.