Vinegar of Santorini, Aged for 5 Years, by Gaia

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Gaia Assyrtiko Vinegar of Santorini is aged for 5 years and brings together the traditional French recipe from Orleans and Italy’s Aceto Balsamico. Must from Assyrtiko grapes is separated into two equal parts and each one follows different courses. One part first becomes a dry wine which then is oxidized in oak casks, according to Orleans tradition and the resulting vinegar ages in old oak barrels for 4 years. The second part of the must is simmered over low flame in copper cauldrons and reduced until it is thick and aromatic. After 4 years the two parts are blended providing sweet vinegar which matures for one more year in oak barrels

  • Ingredients: Vinegar from Assyrtiko grapes
  • Origin: Santorini
  • Net content: 250ml/ 750ml
  • Packaging: Glass bottle

Perfect for salads, marinades and brightening flavors when cooking