Cretan myzithra, soft white traditional galomizithra PDO cheese, by Manousos

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Myzithra or galomizithra is a soft, white spreadable cheese from Crete. It is lightly salted, made based on a recipe from Chania. It obtains its acidity through a natural method, in strainer cloths - the “tsantila”.
• Ingredients: pasteurized sheep’s & goat's milk 100%
• Origin: Sfakia, Crete (recipe from Chania, Crete)
• Net content: approx 190g (also available in catering size)
• Packaging: vacuum pack

In Crete, it is used in “bourekia”, little sweet or savoury pies, in kreatopites (meat risottos) on dakos and other summer salads. Enjoy Galomizithra in Greek salads, in green salads or on bread topped with olive oil and herbs.
Perfectly paired with wine:
Organic Meliasto from Peloponnese

The Producer: Manousos Tsitsiridis, from Sfakia, Crete
In 1994, having just graduated from the Dairy School of Ioannina, Manousos Tsitsiridis took over the family cheese business in the village Askifou, Sfakia. With the same old family recipe, he makes daily from November through July a total of 60 tons of cheese a year, exclusively with local milk, supplied by 35 farmers of the region. 
Whatever their origins, Greek cheeses are among the finest in the world, and many varieties have been accorded protection under the European Union's Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) provisions.