Dodoni Kaimaki Ice Cream 750ml tub

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Kaimaki ice-cream is a unique combination of sheep's milk ice-cream, falvoured with the resin of the mastic tree (mastiha) and made elastic, like gelato, by the addition of the orchid-root powder salepi. It is usually served with sour cherry preserve (visino), a combination at once familiar and dear across Greece and Turkey.

  • Ingredients: Pasteurised sheep's milk (75%), sugar, butter, glucose syrup, dextrose, salepi, emulsifier: E471, stabilisers: E407, E412, E466, matiha oil (0.008%). May contain traces of eggs, soya, nuts, gluten. 
  • Net weight: 600g
  • Packaging: 750ml tub

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Also available in 5L tub