Babounis Arseniko

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Arseniko (Greek for: male) was the name given on the island of Naxos to their strong, hard cheese. It is produced from a blend of sheep and goat's milk and aged for at least three months. A hard, slightly crumbly cheese, it has a piquant but sweet flavour and long finish.

• Ingredients: raw sheep's & goat’s milk
• Ageing: Minimum 3 months
• Origin: Naxos Island
• Packaging: wax paper (cut and packed by M&G)

The Producer: Babounis Family, Island of Naxos
The Babounis family have been keeping their own herd of sheep and goats and making cheese for generations, but have only recently started selling it. A real farmhouse cheese - where the same producer raises the animals, milks them and produces the cheese on the farm - is rare in Greece, but it is the way to produce the best quality cheese. The Babounis family focus their attention on grazing their herd across the highlands and lowlands of Naxos, depending on the season, to produce the finest possible milk. The cheesemaking then follows the family recipe that has been handed down the generations and takes place on the farm, near the beach at Agiasos.