Kostarelos 12-Month Barrel-Aged Feta

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Kostarelos hard feta is entirely handmade (cutting the curd, placing in moulds etc.), with home-made rennet and aged in beech barrels. The ageing process takes 12 months, something very difficult to achieve with feta and rarely found, even in Greece!

• Ingredients: pasteurized sheep's milk and up to 30% pasteurized goat's milk
• Organic processes but not certified yet (the milk is organic but the certification is pending) • Origin: Karystos, Island of Euboea
• Ageing: minimum 6 months
• Packaging: vacuum pouch 

Whatever their origins, Greek cheeses are among the finest in the world, and many varieties have been accorded protection under the European Union's Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) provisions. The Kostarelos family have been producing fine cheeses and dairy products for three generations, since 1937. The respect and dedication to the traditional ways of making, along with the family's know-how are, until this day, the main ingredients of their success.
The specific area, Karystos, is a wild, inaccessible place with very mild human intervention and therefore the indigenous breeds of the animals that are used for their milk are small with low milk productivity but of very high quality.