Oregano 250g
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The name ‘Oregano’ derives from the Greek terms ‘oros’ which means mountain and ‘ganos’ which means brilliance, brightness, beauty. In other words, so appreciable was oregano for ancient Greeks that they thought that oregano made the mountains glow.

• Ingredients: Greek Oregano
• Origin: Mount of Parnonas
• Net content: 250g
• Packaging: vacuum bag

It is not surprising that, Hippocrates, an illustrious ancient Greek doctor, was accustomed to choose oregano for the treatment of many diseases, while nowadays Oregano is used:

  • For the treatment of colds and intense cough.
  • For stomachaches and pains from poisoning.
  • For the combat of inflammations.
  • For the facilitation of digestion.
  • While simultaneously it has anticancer and antifungal action.