Voreia Stout 6% (330ml)
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A roasted  chocolate ale, unpasteurized and not filtered, with 6 different malts and Greek barley. Original Valrhona dark chocolate is also used in the recipe.

The taste is creamy and sweet at first, while a discreet acidity appears as chocolate, coffee and caramel are revealed in the foreground. Rich and mouth-filling aftertaste of dark chocolate.

The alcohol level is 6, despite the fact that the fermentation begins with 18 Plato, that gives the beer a full and compact body. 

This singular dark beer is ideally combined with beef or pork, barbeque sauce, cheddar, blue cheese,  shellfish and mollusks. At the same time you can also enjoy it with sweets like chocolate cake, chocolate soufflé or vanilla ice-cream. 

This beer won the Bronze Medal this year worldwide, in the Brussels Beer Challenge 2015 that took place in the Antwerpen, Belgium.