Tetteris Ouzo No5 46% 200ml
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A distillate of meticulously selected anise seeds from Chios Island, the homeland of ouzo, with a strong taste and distinctive aroma, Ouzo No 5 has a distinctive position among the best distillates of Greece.

Alcohol: 46% Vol

Ouzo is the Greek drink that brings in mind summer, sea and sun and has always been present at those moments worth living for..

It can be enjoyed with ice or cold water and it accompanies perfectly sea food mezedes such as grilled octopus, marinated sardines or just bread with olives.  

Established in the mid 19th century, Tetterils Distillery is a family run business using traditional methods and recipes. The Tetteris' family recipe, whose origins is lost in the mist of time of the mid 19th century, is the foundation for the manufacture of Ouzo Tetteris.