Tetteris Mastic Liqueur 24% 500ml
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The Legend has it that when the dead body of Saint Isidoros was thrown amongst the Mastiha shrubs, the shrubs shed tears. The 'tear drops' became the Mastiha gum crystalline resin droplets. This tear has enchanted travelers, adventurers and Conquerors and has made Chios a proud and famous island. 

Although the Mastiha shrub grows in many places throughout the World, it is only in the southern part of Chios that it shed its 'Tears'. The healing properties of the Mastiha gum, particularly for the stomach, blood and liver was known in and since ancient times. 

Today this knowledge has been proven scientifically and is in use for the treatment of peptic ulcers. From the beginnings of the last century, Distillery Tetteri was the first to distil the exceptional and miraculous 'Tear' of the Mastiha shrub and to produce fine liqueurs, whose taste encompasses the history of this Island

Alcohol: 24% Vol

It can be served iced old in shots after meal, with crushed ice as an aperitif with mixers in cocktails.