12-bottle Mixed Case of Beer
Price: £34.00
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A complete set of Greek craft beers, including absolute classics and the more unusual, such as Septem's quarantine-inspired Quaranta Giorni New England IPA.

2x Septem Monday's (Pilsner, 5.0%) (330ml)
2x Septem Friday's (Pale Ale, 4.7%) (330ml)
1x Septem Saturday's (Porter, 5.5%) (330ml)
1x Septem Sunday's (Honey Golden Ale, 6.5%) (330ml)
1x Septem 8th Day (IPA, 7.0%) (330ml)
1x Septem LAVA (Impreial Red IPA, 9.0%) (500ml)
2x Septem Quaranta Giorni (New England IPA, 5.9%) (330ml)
2x Nissos All-Day Organic Lager (4.5%) (330ml)