Barley Rusk Koulouri 600g

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St Nektarios barley small cruller rusks are tasty and crunchy.
The traditional wood oven bakery of St Nektarios remains at the same location for the last 55 years and follows the tradition and continues to create the same quality oven goods, using natural ingredients and genuine dough.

Rusks have been one of the main ingredients of the Greek diet from the ancients times. It was a way to stock bread in order not to bake it every day and through times it proved to be an easy and very nutritional addition to make dishes such as salads fulfilling and multi textured.
In Greece, there are different varieties of rusks depending on the origin. All of them contain plenty of fibre and vitamins B and E.

Ingredients: Barley rusks (Salt, Yeast, Barley flour 100%)
Origin: Chania, Crete
Net content: 600g
Packaging: Plastic bag

Served as a base for dakos salad, topped with tomatoes, anthotiro, capers, olive oil and oregano.