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Plain White Flour from Grevena 3kg

Giannakopoulos mills produces this versatile, all-purpose white wheat flour from a specially selected variety of soft grain in Grevena, northern Greece. This powdery flour can be used for bread, pittas, traditional koulouri rings, sweets, tsoureki and for general use to thicken sauces, coat meat or for dusting. Surrounded by valleys and national parks, Grevena boasts Mediterranean summers but harsh winters making the wheat crops there extremely hardy and nutritious with a great magnesium content. It is lower in gluten than most other white flours.
Net content: 3kg

Packaging: Paper bag

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ingredients: Plain Flour

Allergens: Gluten

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates0.4g
of which Sugars0.3g
Can be used for bread, pittas, koulouri rings, sweets, tsoureki and for general use.

This is a version of the dish we've been serving ever since opening and exactly how my mom still cooks it in Istanbul.

Unlike the common mücver this one has lots of fresh garlic for a more pungent flavour and therefore shares similarities with öcce fritters of Antep (a province in Southeastern Turkey).

Giannakopoulos Mills, Grevena, Epirus

Giannakopoulos Mills are one of the leading flour mills in Greece, based near Ioannina, Epirus. The Mills produce over 40 types of top-quality flour, ensuring a wide range of products that are ideal to meet the needs of everyone — from the professional, to the home baker.

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