It’s Easter weekend. Again!

Greek Easter weekend is about joy, celebration and friends and family getting together, following a week of challenges, the "Pathi".
Food, wine and spirits are the heart of the celebration, as well as red eggs fighting, the "tsougrisma".
For our celebration this weekend, Despina will be cooking slow cooked lamb with potatoes ladorigani that will be accompanied with turokafteri (spicy feta curd), tzatziki, maroulosalata (green salad) with spring onion and dill and a special dish of the day.
So, our "Pathi" are over. Leave behind yours too and join us to celebrate, eat, drink and enjoy a traditional Greek Easter!
And may the best man win (red egg wise).



Greek Food and Wine weekends

Spring is here, as well as new food products and energy in M&G team.
Despina Siahuli is doing her magic and she cooks for us, laughing and singing.
We are pairing Despina's dishes with an extraordinary wine list from producers across Greece.
And we are waiting for you every Saturday and Sunday 11:00am-4:00pm and very soon on Friday evenings for one more culinary trip at Maltby Street Market.
That simple.


Greek street food calling at Maltby St Market!

We are souvlaki lovers, we have to admit it.
So it is with great pleasure that we are hosting our friends 21 Bateman St, Soho Souvlaki House, at Maltby St Market every Saturday and Sunday in February, 11am - 4pm.
Come and warm up your souls with the best comfort food in town paired with fine Greek wines. 
Και θα μας θυμηθείτε.


Cooking to Share

We heard about Alexandra, author of Cooking to Share, through her kickstarter campaign and paused to pay more attention to her cookbook, when she asked for a wish and a blessing for her venture recipe.
We met her and got our hands on her book, a wonderfully designed notebook with recipes,advice and reflections on everything around a warm kitchen, a big inviting table and an old lady's skillful and caring hands.
So we asked Alexandra to join us at Maltby St Market.
What she cooked was simple and hearty and tasted exactly like what we were cooking at home years ago.

That is why we invite you to share with us this experience- so you can get to know us better.



Serving (our) Godfathers' favourites.

We are having dear visitors this weekend.
They ordered some of their favourite Greek mezedes. And wine.
So, we'll make a small celebration out of it.

After all, it is a family affair- and you are all invited.