FOS premium Greek mastiha liqueur- a story and a cocktail

The prime ingredient of FOS Mastiha derives from the resin of the Mastiha tree, also known as the crying tree.This rare tree is grown and cultivated exclusively on Chios island, unable to take root anywhere else in the world.
The delicate and skillful handiwork of Kentima (the process of making little scars on the mastiha tree with a small iron tool) is an UNESCO-recognised 2,500 year-old tradition. The resin droplets, known as mastiha tears, are left to slowly seep out of the bark and dry under natural sunlight to form translucent golden crystals. In autumn, the area around the tree is cleaned, leveled and coated in a fine white soil on which the tears fall and gather. 
The tears are diligently washed with olive oil soap and rainwater and then cleaned one by one with a knife or a needle, before they undergo a delicate process of distillation.

Fill a large glass with ice 
Add 40ml FOS Mastiha 
Add 30ml dry gin 
Add 20ml fresh lime juice 
Fill with ginger beer 
Garnish with a sprig of thyme 

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