Our latest Greek cheeses

⁠From creamy textures to robust flavours, we’re excited to introduce to your our latest Greek cheeses. 


Tinos Kariki

One of very few blue cheeses made in Greece and one of its rarest, ‘Kariki’ is a cheese from the farmers’ co-operative on the island of Tinos. It is made with cow’s milk, which the island is famous for, and aged in gourds that have been dried and hollowed out (the name Kariki means gourd in Greek). It is not inoculated with the blue mould, but rather a wild blue mould from the gourd develops naturally during ageing, which takes about 6-months. Definitely not for the faint hearted, this is a full-flavoured cheese that melts in the mouth and has an explosive and spicy flavour!⁠



Small Cretan Graviera

A smaller version of the Cretan Graviera by Manousos Tsitsiridis, these 1.6kg wheels look great on a cheeseboard or packed into a picnic basket!⁠ The taste is sweet and buttery with an excellent texture a bit like gruyère. ⁠




Tositsa Foundation Rezzana

The Tositsa Foundation was created to teach Italian cheesemaking methods to Greek shepherds and cheesemakers. Since its founding in 1959 they have followed the traditional Parmesan production method to produce their own ‘Rezzana’ with cow’s milk from the Metsovo region. Faithful to the original, Rezzana has a rich, tangy, and nutty flavour and hard, crumbly texture that can be flaked, shaved, or grated.⁠




Cretan Goat Graviera

Another gem from Manousos Tsitsiridis, who loves experimenting with traditional cheeses. This is a Cretan Graviera, which is usually made with sheep’s milk, made using exclusively goat’s milk. The result is a surprisingly sweet, mild, but delicious hard cheese.






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