Introducting Kontogiannis Biodynamic Farm


We are delighted to introduce the Kontogiannis Family, who's farm and vineyards date back to the late 19th century. Now run by the fifth generation, siblings Theo and Hope also inherited their grandfather’s love of organic agriculture and have extended this to embrace biodynamic farming too. 



Although seemingly pioneering at the time, research into the family archive has uncovered notes from their great-grandparents that show how close to biodynamic the old ways of farming were. Taking a holistic approach and dry farming are key to a sustainable way of production and a true reflection of the terroir.⁠



Located at altitudes of 300m to 600m near the ancient citadel of Acrocorinth and cooled by breezes from the gulf of Corinth, the 20 to 50 year-old vineyards are planted with Roditis, Savatiano, and Mavroudi, which are being extended both with new plantings, as well as resurrecting old vineyards (some over 100 years old) that neighbouring farmers have abandoned. The wines are all made with low intervention and stainless steel. Apart from the wines, they also produce olive oil, raisins, nuts, and herbs.⁠





Kontogiannis, 'Penteskoufi White' 2022


The perfect represntation of Greek spring and summer in a wine. A blend of Roditis and Savatiano that has a floral aromatic profile accompanied by summer fruits on the palate and lovely acidity.⁠




Kontogiannis, 'Mångata' Mavroudi 2022


⁠A full-bodied biodynamic red made entirely in stainless steel. Fresh aromatic scents of black and red wild cherries, blackberry, strawberry, and plum. Lovely hint of sourness on the pallet, much like Dolcetto.⁠



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