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Agrino 'Bella' Parboiled Rice 500g

Agrino 'Bella' parboiled rice is grown in the deltas of the Axios and Aliakmonas rivers in Northern Greece. The rice is parboiled in its husk, which transfers micronutrients to the rice grain, whilst also leaving a yellowish colour. Parboiled rice is, therfore, more nutritious than white rice and remains firmer and less sticky when cooked. It is ideal for making fluffy pilafi.
Unit Price £6.20 / kg
Net content: 500g

Packaging: Plastic bag

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ingredients: 100% Parboiled Rice

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates0.27g
of which Sugars0.5g

Here is a totally back-to-roots recipe that was inspired by those gorgeous organic Marianna's vine leaves (available on our shop!).  

Our inspiration for this receipe came from some excellent sources including mum's phone advice and our in house M&G chef. Whilst cooking, so many memories came flooding back to me from yaya's kitchen where she taught me how to wrap loosely, place tidily and place the dolmadakia in the pan in a circle then cover with a plate.

Preparing the doladakia was a wonderful experience that allows you to slow down and forget about checking your phone.  It gives you space to focus and mindfully use your senses whilst you smell, shop and wrap the dolmadakia.  It can be messy, but it is fun and it really doesn't hurt to slow down once in around.  

Agrino, Agrinio, Central Greece

Agrino — a household name in Greece — has been producing rice, grains, and pulses since the 1950s. Most Agrino rice is grown in the deltas of the Aliakmonas, Axios, Strymonas and Sperchios rivers, in northern and western Greece, where the mediterranean climate, the supply of surface and groundwaters, and the particularly fertile soil create the ideal conditions for cultivating rice. With strong ties to the local community, many of whom are independent small producers, Agrino has developed rice farming sustainably and with a focus on quality. Different varieties of rice are available for specific uses — such as puddings, pilaf or stuffing vegetables — and Agrino brings all the nutritional values of the Greek soil to your plate.

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